Digital Skills Trainings

Being Able to Recognise How Digital Transformation Is Changing the Labour Market


DIGCOMP 1. Information and Data Literacy

Using Search Engines Effectively
Analysing News and Information in a Critical Way
How to Use and Manage Spread Sheets

DIGCOMP 2. Communication and Collaboration

Interacting through digital technologies
Managing Digital Identity - Use of social media
Ethics for Digital Environment

DIGCOMP 3. Digital Content Creation

Managing Digital Content & Copyright and Licenses
Basics of Innovative Digital Technologies

DIGCOMP 4. Safety

Protecting Devices
Online Security
How to Cope with New Digital Threats

DIGCOMP 5. Problem Solving

Managing ICT Issues
Identifying Digital Resources for Professional Needs

Teacher's Handbook

This handbook provides essential information on how to organise training sessions for adult trainers. It guides adult trainers in understanding the curriculum, preparing the training, collecting the necessary materials, planning the lessons and providing the interaction among the learners.

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